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Erbatu Hills Project



Cafe and Bar

Parking Spaces


Erbatu Hills" are delightful 3 bedroom villas in the village of Yenibogazici close to Famagusta, Nothern Cyprus. The large infinity pool and terraces have fantastic panoramic views open to the neighboring.  Hills is a short drive away with shops and local facilities.

Turkish Title deed

“Erbatu Hills " contains

●18 detached villa 3+1  240 m² with private swimming pool 
●Green park area and kids playground  

The construction start – October 2021
Completion – October 2023
Turkish title deed

Our general standard    

●The enormous variety of options at the quality floor and bathroom ceramic tiles, lamınate
●The enormous variety of options at quality WC and bathroom faience, accessories
●Bathroom faience and WC are Hilton standard
●Luxury fitted kitchen (color selection)
●Fitted wardrobe in every bedroom, Entrance cabinet
●PVC double glazed windows
●Glass windows at the stairs
●Aluminum Railing
●Hydrophore system and solar panel water heating system
●Central TV satellite and Internet system
●Air conditioner infrastructure
●Private swimming pool
●2 parking places for every villa (one parking place is covered with aluminum railings)


Ground floor
Big entrance area
Separated kitchen, dining area
Rear terraces
Guest WC

1st Floor

3 Bedroom with French balconies and built-in wardrobes
Master bedroom with bathroom and wardrobe room
Common bathroom with big walk-in shower
Separately washing machine cabinet


Location of the project

The project is located within walking distance to newly built Near East College, Bedis beach and Salamis ruins park

Popular Area Attractions:
Ancient park Salamis
St. Barnabas church and his grave
Salamis Beach
Picnic area
Children play yard


Travel Times to Amenities:

Ercan airport  -  30 min drive 

Larnaca airport - 45 min drive

Local village shops & restaurant - 3 minute walk away

 Markets, supermarkets, and malls in the town of Famagusta - 5 minute drive

 Salamis park, beach, and picnic area - 3 minute walk away

Near East College - 2 minutes walk away

Eastern Mediterranean University - 5 minute drive

Famagusta city central hospital - 5 minute drive

Near East private hospital - 2 minutes walk away

Local veterinary - 2 min walk away 

 Investing in Cyprus: A Look at Project Property


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Investment in Cyprus


Cyprus has favourable laws and tax regulations, making it an attractive destination for foreign investors. The country has a pro-business environment with a low corporate tax rate of 12.5%. Additionally, the country has implemented measures to simplify the investment process, such as acquiring permits and licenses. The Cypriot government actively encourages foreign direct investment (FDI) and permits 100% foreign ownership of property, including project property.


Real Estate in Cyprus


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Investing in project property in Cyprus provides investors with an ideal opportunity to diversify their portfolio and earn high returns. The government's pro-business environment, coupled with low tax rates and incentives, make Cyprus a favourable destination for foreign investors. The appreciation of property in Cyprus, coupled with the high rental yields, is an attractive investment for those looking for long-term investment opportunities.